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Kimerafilm srl was founded in 2009 on the initiative of some students of the Production course of the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome. The idea stems from the need to pursue a professional path that is parallel and functional to the training one, giving life to a completely new operating mode in the Italian cinema scene. Over the years Kimerafilm has established itself as one of the most dynamic realities in the panorama of Italian cinema, in a growth path that leads to the creation of numerous fictional and documentary feature films. The editorial line today remains the same as always: supporting new personalities and innovative film projects, achievable through a structure based on sharing and a lively openness to multiple forms of audiovisual experimentation. The concrete commitment in pursuing this goal unfolds in various production lines, characterized by the profound conviction that the authorial and commercial approaches to the audiovisual medium can travel hand in hand, overcoming a widespread antinomy that risks penalizing the emergence of new and original points of view. The goal is to illuminate issues and talents on the "margins" of large industry, proudly affirming the role of small businesses in the production landscape of Italian cinema. A role that is increasingly questioned and which therefore seems even more important to us to claim.

Since March 2021 the company has been managed by the producers Simone Isola and Giuseppe Lepore.

“Unlike all the other art forms, film is able to seize and render the passage of time, to stop it, almost to possess it in infinity. I'd say that film is the sculpting of time. "

- Andrei Tarkovsky

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